Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thing #2 : 7 1/2 habits

Upon first reviewing the list, I was thinking - yep, easy/agree; yep, easy/agree etc. So I thought some more about what it was that I do find hard - and realised it was not following through/completing learning endeavours, and/or printing things off to read, and never getting around to reading them (I doubt I'm the only one guilty of this!). Manage to fill the toolbox, but then fail to open the lid (at least as often as I should). All the sorts of things that probably fit under 2/ accept repsponsibility.

I think the best way to tackle this problem [for me] is to align a learning endeavour with something specific to achieve/apply it to. By doing "Learning 2.0" with the toolkit project to focus on as somewhere to directly apply new skills - I feel confident that instead of just floating along for the first couple of weeks, and then getting sidetracked and eventually drifting off ... the project will help to keep the learning activity a priority, and therefore sustain it. This strategy will also help to ensure time/effort invested has a direct & recognisable positive outcome ... important when juggling competing demands for time and energy.

The 7/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners
HABIT 1. Begin with the end in mind. What is your goal?
HABIT 2. Accept responsibility for your own learning.
HABIT 3. View problems as a challenge to learn from.
HABIT 4. Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner. Don't say it or think it unless you want it to be true.
HABIT 5. Create your own learning toolbox. Books, technology, classes, mentors, friends, web pages.
HABIT 6. Use technology to your advantage.
HABIT 7. Teach and mentor others. Good way to reinforce own learning.
HABIT 7 1/2. PLAY, be curious, and read!


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