Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing #6 - Learn about Flickr

Tattered Librarians
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This was taken at the Beyond The Hype : Web 2.0 Symposium in Brisbane, QLD a couple of weeks ago. A dinner get together in Southbank, led to a visit to the night markets and some temporary tats.

Gemma got the ball rolling wanting a squiggle on her tailbone, and Tanya was next with a cutesie butterfly on her shoulder (those photos will follow!). ... and then the "tattered librarians" went nuts with the infamous barcode tat! What else would we choose???

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Thing #2 - 7 1/2 habits of lifelong learners

So what has changed over the last 18months?

Not much!! Obviously, I'm still struggling with "finishing" things. Here I am, starting again after only formally getting up to Thing #11 last time.

I especially appreciate now however, habit # 7 - teach and mentor others, as a good way to reinforce my own learning. I take this not only in the stand up and deliver kind of teaching, but also the sharing and collaboration that happens in the happy library workroom. Quite often, by sharing something that I have found with one or more colleagues, at least one will have a unique way to make use of the find ... or ask something about it to prompt me to investigate further.

This follows to in preparing for conference presentations etc. By going the extra step by making the effort to exhibit your wares, there is a payoff in an incentive to do better, or find our a little more than you normally would, and also be in the position to receive feedback, suggestions or encouragement from peers/colleagues around Australia, and even the world.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hello Ourimbah!!

Hello Ourimbah team mates! I'm jumping on Ourimbah's Learning 2.0 program a bit late. As you'll see in this blog's archive, I started the Learning 2.0 program a while back when Helene Blowers first rolled it out to PLCMC.

As things go, I never got around to finishing it (although have definitely continued "playing" with all things 2.0!). Now that I'm back hanging with you guys for a bit, and with you all trialling the program for UoN, I thought this was the perfect time to get back on board and finish the 23 things.

But now - I'm off to pick up my flat tyre which is hopefully fixed now!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all x


Monday, August 27, 2007

Self-paced learning - ooops!

So, it's been nearly a year since my last post recording progress through the 23 things.

I attended an Elsevier Library Connect session in Sydney on Friday that had the "2.0" theme as the focus of most papers. The Perth session has been blogged about here, here, here, and here. The Sydney session did not have the pleasure of Kate Sinclair's presentation, however we did have the opportunity to hear from Lynette Lewis who was part of the team responsible for rolling out Helene Blowers' Learning 2.0 (which this blog was created for mid-last year!!) to Yarra Plenty Regional Library - the first "other library" of now many. The Yarra Plenty Regional Library experience is reported in this SirsiDynix presentation.

Lynette's presentation at Library Connect was a timely jab in the ribs to get back on board, and finish exploring the 23 things! A dangerous thing to say, I know, but it all starts TOMORROW....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shameless self-promotion!

I've been talking a little bit in this Learning 2.0 blog about a toolkit we're building to support evidence-based library and information practice (Libraries Using Evidence -

The new issue of EBLIP has just been published, and includes a news item announcing Libraries Using Evidence - (even a mention in the editorial - how spesh!). Anyway - while that is all very exciting for us, I have a vague justification to be blowing my own trumpet here, as it does include a couple of paragraphs about Library 2.0 in it as well - see p.99 if you're interested.

If you do read the article - you'll also see the request we make for project plans (or any type of planning document) to contribute to our PEBL project. Please consider sending something (anything!) to us ( - so far we don't have any from public, school, or special libraries. THANKS! tip - action tagging

I just found this old post about using basically as a "to do" list. It builds upon what I had started doing with tagging items "readlater" ... I might try this out next week.

I've well and truly smashed "the vow" tonight. 2am - definitely time for bed!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thing #11 - LibraryThing

Hmmmm. Not convinced I have a purpose for this one. For the exercise, I added a couple of books I have on my shelf at work. Wild.

the vow

See what happens when I take the vow to leave work on time, and not turn on the PC when I get home ... all the "fun" stuff gets left behind. So, I've broken the vow tonight to start catching up on a few "things" for Learning 2.0 ... (how very sad for a Friday night!)

Blogger has been vomiting tonight, so that's been a bit of a pain!

Monday, September 11, 2006

PLCMC - project plans?

Does anyone at PLCMC have a project plan that you would be willing to contribute for examination by our PEBL project? We have a number of plans from academic and health libraries, so are now particularly interested in hearing from public, school and special libraries.

We are developing a project planning tool that will build upon standard project methdology by ensuring the principles of evidence-based practice are incorporated. We will not be analysing your outcomes/study methodology, but will be focussing on what aspects of planning your tool does/doesn't prompt for (regarding EBLIP). Confidentiality will of course be guaranteed.

Please see our project blog for further information.

Friday, September 08, 2006

PDFCreator - open source

I downloaded, installed, and successfully used the free PDFCreator today. Three of the PCs in our Library have the Adobe version ... but not the one at my desk! I don't need to create PDF files all the time, but often enough for it to be a real pain to kick one of my colleagues off their desk while I use their machine (especially Supermuddle's as her mouse is set up for left handed use!).

It was getting to point where I was weighing up my priorities before asking my boss to buy an extra licence, but now there is no need - PDFCreator does the job perfectly well & I can save my favour asking for something else!