Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing #6 - Learn about Flickr

Tattered Librarians
Originally uploaded by andrewandlisa2153
This was taken at the Beyond The Hype : Web 2.0 Symposium in Brisbane, QLD a couple of weeks ago. A dinner get together in Southbank, led to a visit to the night markets and some temporary tats.

Gemma got the ball rolling wanting a squiggle on her tailbone, and Tanya was next with a cutesie butterfly on her shoulder (those photos will follow!). ... and then the "tattered librarians" went nuts with the infamous barcode tat! What else would we choose???

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At 19 February, 2008 11:25, Blogger Lisa said...

Gemma's photos are at

At 20 February, 2008 15:46, Blogger Gemma said...

Plus for more visit my flickr page:


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