Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shameless self-promotion!

I've been talking a little bit in this Learning 2.0 blog about a toolkit we're building to support evidence-based library and information practice (Libraries Using Evidence -

The new issue of EBLIP has just been published, and includes a news item announcing Libraries Using Evidence - (even a mention in the editorial - how spesh!). Anyway - while that is all very exciting for us, I have a vague justification to be blowing my own trumpet here, as it does include a couple of paragraphs about Library 2.0 in it as well - see p.99 if you're interested.

If you do read the article - you'll also see the request we make for project plans (or any type of planning document) to contribute to our PEBL project. Please consider sending something (anything!) to us ( - so far we don't have any from public, school, or special libraries. THANKS!


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